Waiter With Rotten Teeth Serves Rich Lawyer—Instead of a Tip, He’s Left With This

Meet Brian, a waiter at Doo-Dah diner in Edmonton, Alberta.

Brian may not have the shiniest of smiles, but that’s never stopped him from spreading joy to every customer he encounters.

“I got a chipped tooth and then it spread, and then after that I just couldn’t keep up with them,” said Brian. “They were getting out of control pretty bad.”

For years, he’s suffered from these painful dental issues that have decayed his teeth, but he refuses to allow that to hold back his big heart and jovial grin.

One customer, Fred Boettcher, couldn’t help but take notice. The attorney was out visiting his daughter when he crossed paths with Brian at the Doo-Dah Diner.

“I looked at this guy and I thought, man this guy is something special,” said Fred.

In awe of his diligent servanthood and upbeat spirit, Fred couldn’t bring himself to leave Brian with a simple tip.

Instead, he decided he would pay for a brand new set of pearly whites for the waiter that cost a whopping $25,000.

“The way to be satisfied in your life is to be kind to everybody and to be as generous as you possibly can be,” said Fred. 

Brian was so overwhelmed by the act of generosity that he broke down in tears of joy:

“I try to smile through it and show people that no matter how bad you look, appearances aren’t everything.”

Now Brian flashes his brand new set of sparkling teeth everywhere he goes, along with that same infectious spirit of kindness that makes his smile shine even brighter. 

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